Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Unique World of Kiln Enamel Jewelry Designs

The Kiln Enamel Jewelry Designs started in 2001 in a studio located in Brooklyn by James Leritz and Elissa Ehlin. They have been perfecting their enameling techniques for well over 5 years now and use ancient hand painted techniques mixed in with the new more modern techniques for truly exquisite pieces. Kiln enamel jewelry can be purchased nation wide throughout the country in stores.

The kiln enamel necklaces are beautifully designed and crafted. The colors in these pieces have vibrancy and chic colors to them.
Enamel Jewelry Designs
The unique snakeskin necklace is a definite head turner. No real snakeskin is used, but it is represented with shiny, smooth textured glass enamel.

The Geisha necklace was inspired by the period of 1791 in Japan. This necklace is available in off-white and features a beautiful geisha; it comes on a 16-inch sterling silver chain. The pear blossom necklace comes in 3 different sizes and also a squared version. This design is available in 6 different colors.
Kiln Enamel Jewelry Designs
The droplet necklace is exquisite and hip, great for casual or more formal evenings. This is stunning and designed with 9 droplets cascading down the necklace in different lengths. It is put onto a sterling silver wire of 16 inches.

Kiln enamel earrings is also more than you would expect out of earrings, which are available in many different colors such as dark red, red, white, black, green, aqua, yellow, lilac, blue and pale pink. All of these are crafted using stainless steel. These are also available in a small size category as well.